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As much time in my studio is spent on thinking about and looking at art as there is on painting. Here I'll write about some of the things that pass my mind during those hours, or the inspiration that makes me grab the brush .

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Placa Reial

Marina Broere: PLACA REIAL, oil/alkyd/cold wax/linen, 2008, 20x20"

This is one of the paintings I finished by the end of last year, still working on the inspiration from my artist residency in Spain. It's a 20x20 square canvas. Placa Reial is one of the squares in Barcelona that you reach through a narrow alley that then opens up into this wide but enclosed space, terraces, a fountain, lots of people. From where I was sitting I looked across the square into another entree alley that opened up on another sunny street and in front of me on the square a woman in a red velvet dress was assisting her partner in juggling. And that's how this came about....

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