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Friday, June 27, 2008

A long absence.....

Time to blow away the dust from this blog! I was astonished to see that my last entry was from March, what has happened to time? Probably nothing, it will be just my way of using it.
So, from March on many things have happened: there was a trip to Holland to catch up with family and friends.
There was the framing and shipping of fourteen paintings to my new gallery (The Edge in Santa Fe, New Mexico) there was a trip to Minneapolis and a stay with friends in Alma and there is summer, making me spend most non-painting hours outside; be it gardening or walking.

The trip to Holland gave me the opportunity to deliver a painting to its new owner myself, which was very nice. This was the painting that sold two years after the show and it's occasions like that that make being an artist really rewarding. Yesterday I was reading an interview with Callum Innes, a Scottish painter and he said this about it: "It's the idea that something exists beyond the studio and beyond the show, afterwards in the head. Every artist hopes that happens, that something lasts in the time after somebody has viewed their work" (Interview Paul Bonaventura and Callum Innes, January 2006)
Well, this happened to me when September 2007 I received an email inquiry from Hilde Hooiberg about the painting 'Winterfield, early sun'. After seeing it once during the show in galerie Vlasblom in Arnhem, the painting kept floating in her mind, untill she saw an opportunity to do something with it. Winterfield is now not only on show in her practice, it is also part of her website: digame In the picture is Hilde with her painting.

At the same time as our trip to Holland I found a gallery, after a long and intense search. My work is now represented by gallery The Edge in Santa Fe. That made for some frantic framing and shipping before leaving for Holland and immediately after coming back, but all fourteen paintings have arrived safely. In July I'll have the opportunity to go and see them myself in their new setting, while at the same time attending the opening of my friend Rebecca Crowell's opening at Darnell Fine Arts in Santa Fe on July 11. Besides the attraction of New Mexico itself, this is really something to look forward to!
And with all that said it's now time to paint some more in a by now, warm and summery studio.

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Rebecca Crowell said...

I have missed your blog--happy to see this entry today! The stories of paintings ending up with people who love are always good to hear. When there is a personal connection it is indeed very so gratifying--so often when sales happen through a gallery it all remains so anonymous.

I am really so pleased about the new Santa Fe gallery for you, and looking forward to our time together in NM!!