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As much time in my studio is spent on thinking about and looking at art as there is on painting. Here I'll write about some of the things that pass my mind during those hours, or the inspiration that makes me grab the brush .

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A good start!

Late 2005 I had a show in Galerie Vlasblom in Arnhem, Netherlands. This last fall I received an email from someone who had seen the show and who had hung on to the invitation with a photograph of one of my paintings (from the Winter field series).
She told me how taken she was by my paintings and asked my permission to use one of the Winter Field paintings on her website,( she is a therapist with a private practice). We emailed some back and forth, had a very friendly and interesting phone conversation and as a result not only will my painting appear on her website (going live soon) but she also purchased the painting for her office.
Now if that is not a great start of a new year!
It also shows how long after a show results can come in, it really warmed my heart to hear how she had cherished that image on the invitation and then acted on it when she saw an opportunity.
Thank you Hilde, from Holland!

Here's a picture from the studio. Friday I got a 'new' worktable, courtesy of my studio neighbour Julie who is moving out of the building. It needed some re-arranging of the painting area but after all was set in place it turned out a wonderful addition and I had a great afternoon painting from my new spot.


Rebecca Crowell said...

Marina, that is a great story...the best kind of sale is when you know the person will really cherish your work. A beautiful painting, I can see why it stayed in her mind!

René PleinAir. said...

Hey great story,
Good for you!

Yeah those dutch people are very friendly, hehehe.

I know Vlasblom a lovely galerie.
The neighborhood is also very nice, .. to paint.


Marina Broere said...

Thank you Rebecca and Rene!
It was wonderful to hear that someone had my painting in mind for a long time, it's experiences like this that make you realize what an impact a painting can have. And isn't that what we hope to achieve?

Rene, do you live in or near Arnhem? I thought I recognised some of your landscapes as being from there but did not put 2 and 2 together. If you happen to visit Galerie Vlasblom soon, please say hello from me? I hear you guys are having spring temperatures already - while we are shoveling snow, snow and more snow!

René PleinAir. said...

Against it Marina, I often go to Arnhem with my bike. I will say them hello from you, but I rarely visit galleries anymore.

A touch of spring is already here, ... the most beautiful thing is the birds singing in the morning, .... "belly glowing!!"